Brand identity

We have created many brands for a great number of companies across a range of business sectors, but perhaps the most difficult brand to create was our own.

The brief we set ourselves was to have a brand identity that was plain and understated so it could sit with any imagery we created, without conflicting or distracting from the content. To add personality to the brand we knew early on in the branding process we wanted to use bright, vivid colours but chose not to limit our palette to give our artists greater scope for its use.

Client: MAX
Services: Branding
MAX logo

Brand Marque

Our logo is the essential part of the brand. In creating the new MAX brand we wanted to convey our heritage in that our 5 directors all previously worked for Max and Co. By retaining the MAX part of the name our clients can expect quality and continuity of service.

The name is contained within a strong outline to identify that we are a solid established company and to enable flexible placement on a variety of printed and digital materials. The font is bold and sits strongly within the outline to create a bold, confident brand.


The choice of font is of great importance in creating any brand, it has to support the character of the brand and will directly communicate any messaging. It was therefore important to us to have a font that was clean and quite neutral, but with just enough individuality.

The headline typeface plays an important role in building the MAX brand. It is bold and distinct to convey our experience and confidence in our services.

Using the body text typeface in conjunction with the bold font creates a balance and flexibility across communications, while maintaining consistency.

Headline Typeface



Body Text Typeface


Colour Palette

A custom palette has been selected to reflect a bold, dynamic and multidimensional company.

The colour palette is an essential part of our brand identity, enabling the brand to be displayed effectively across all media whether print or screen.

Through the combination of Typography and colour MAX have created a simple but distinctive style that is easy to implement.

R70 G179 B178
C68 M7 Y34 K0

R236 G110 B76
C3 M71 Y74 K90

R191 G209 B49
C30 M3 Y100 K0

R210 G49 B87
C12 M95 Y56 K91

R247 G171 B63
C1 M37 Y86 K0

R46 G51 B46
C71 M60 Y67 K61