3D Animation

Geoforce provides in-depth experience to the Geotechnical market by supplying robust, high quality equipment and experienced personnel to their clients.
The core values of their business are to ensure they conduct safe, dynamic operations whilst remaining cost effective and productive – this approach is the key to everything they do.

Geoforce came to us with a desire to market their R100 Cone Penetrometer, and tasked us with creating an animation that would sit on their website to show clients the features and functions of their tool.

Client: Geoforce
Services: 3D Animation


Geoforce asked us to create an animation of the R100 Cone Penetrometer they could use for marketing purposes. It had to highlight key features of the tool important to the CPT industry, while also giving a brief overview of the tool in action.

The client stressed that it needed to be short and punchy to retain peoples interest, and get to the key points quickly. Once complete the animation would be added to their website as a focal point for potential customers interested in the product, helping to illustrate the technical documents it accompanies.


We used the client’s brief to create a sequence of events for the animation to cover, this was turned into a rough storyboard so we could start laying out the timings and motion of the project.

Once the sequence of events was locked down, we had to identify the required assets needed in production. The client was able to supply both 3D and 2D CAD data, so the supplied 3D model was tidied up and extra detail was added, the remaining assets were then modelled and everything was textured for the client to approve.

Animation was kept relatively simple with only 1 camera animated and the amount of assets needed to move, minimal. A fluid simulation was created for the silt kicked up by the CPT landing on the seabed, and 2 characters were added to the deck of the ship to give it some life.

There were 4 main lighting setups used in the final animation; studio, underwater, mudline and topsides. Each of these would be rendered separately, then composited together to create one continuous sequence.


The final animation contains 2 main elements; the beginning is a product tour, the end a technical walkthrough of how the system works.

The product tour helps keep things clean, important when showing potential clients around your equipment. From this we could also supply the client with still images for use in other promotional material.

The technical walkthrough helps viewers understand the process involved in using the equipment. We see it in-situ on the sea-bed, what data its collecting in the sand under the mudline and transmitting the data to the surface to be analysed.

‘I am delighted with our animation produced by Wayne and Peter at Max, the attention detail and technical input ensured we were delivered a powerful dynamic and accurate animation. Throughout the project we were updated regularly with updates and the team where receptive to our demands and changes, the end result is astonishing and we are looking forward to working with Max in the future.’

James McDonald Operations Director

‘From the initial meeting it was clear that Wayne and Peter from Max understood what we were looking for with regards to creating a highly technical and informative animation for our sister company Geoforce Technical Services, the level of understanding around the project was second to none, the project management and professionalism Max brought can’t be faulted, we were kept up to speed with every aspect of the project and nothing was left to chance, I cannot recommend them enough, we’re greatly looking forward to our next project with the Team there.’

Chris Zee Group Marketing Manager