New Packaging Visualisation

3D Visualisation images and label design

Fragrant Minds are a new company offering bespoke perfume. They were aware of MAX’s past work creating product visualisations and wanted our help to create marketing material they could present potential investors; saving them the expense of having a product sample manufactured.

Client: Fragrant Minds
Services: 3D Visualisation, Design


We were asked to provide label and lid designs that could be added to a 3D visualisation of their bottle, for the purposes of creating high-quality marketing imagery for use at an investor event.


Once we understood the client’s needs, we used their existing brand guidelines to create various concepts of what the packaging could look like. With the client’s direction we honed in on the final design, and added some additional elements to be used in future marketing material to help project the Fragrant Minds brand.

With the label design signed off, and details of the bottle in hand, we recreated the bottle in 3D, and added its new branding. It was lit subtly to avoid glaring highlights and added to a reflective background, providing the client with a shot that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy magazine.


Max provided a label design to be printed and 3D visualisations of their bottle.

I believe in collaborating with the best specialists possible for mission critical tasks. When starting a luxury fragrance company, packaging design was one such time when I required professional help. The product simply had to exude elegance and charm.

When I discovered the MAX showreel I loved what I saw! Quickly I met with these creatives to discuss my project hoping they could help me with product visuals including a label design. They listened patiently to my brief. It was easy to tell that Dave and Wayne’s enthusiasm about my business concept was genuine. Immediately bursting with ideas, they were excited to help bring my products to life. Great first impression! And they were an absolute treat to deal with throughout the project!

The Max team rendered a virtual replica of my perfume bottle design so that label mock ups could be tried out quickly and effectively. They sourced sample labels so we could accurately review physical textures, proportions and styles. A range of label designs were then prepared and the photo realistic results along with special lighting effects exceeded my expectations. Fees were completely transparent. I’d describe these guys as talented, reliable and nimble. This friendly bunch will make your life surprisingly easier by delivering exceptional projects.

Kelly Murray Fragrant Minds