MAX is a design agency based in Aberdeen, Scotland. We offer services in branding, exhibitions, design, animation, motion graphics and 3D printing. We pride ourselves in delivering creative and technical solutions to differentiate our clients from the competition.



Whether you are a multi-national looking to launch a global campaign or an individual starting a new business venture, MAX can get your message across.

Branding & Design for Print

Creating and promoting successful brands through a range of integrated communications, exhibition, design and advertising services.

Animation, Video, Motion Graphics & 3D

Producing 3D models, animations and videos that enlighten and inspire your audience.

3D Printing

Bringing CAD design drawings into reality. Product prototypes, mockups and models.

Our Team

Wayne Mo
Over 20 years experience working in some of the top design agencies in Aberdeen; working with clients in the energy, food & drink and public/third sectors. Wayne’s expertise is in branding, exhibitions and graphic design.

Dave Lumsden
Over 30 years experience in 2D / 3D animation, motion graphics and multimedia production development. Dave manages our animation and video productions and is our VR technologies developer.

Alan Stewart
Our Web Developer/Programmer with over 20 years experience in creating multimedia and online solutions. Alan is well-versed in website content management systems and bespoke applications development.

Peter Moore
With a high degree of artistry and creative flair, Pete has over 20 years experience in producing high end 3D animation, visualisation and illustrations. He also has experience in developing e-learning products.

Chad Stevens
Has over 10 years experience in 3D animation, visualisation and illustrations. Chad is also our VR genius and researcher of new technologies.

As well as the team we have our network of creative associates – copywriters, designers, web/app developers, videographers and photographers who can be called upon when workload and projects require.


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